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section takes charge of a job

Le 4 July 2014, 09:09 dans Humeurs 0

The crime regiment of the Piao;The bead public security official's organization in sea City successfully beats a take bar as base, make use of a website to release to recruit a Piao information, organize the crime regiment of male social evil.Save public security official's hall to actively push massage service place in Guangdong province to manage to stipulate a lawmaking work, have already formed drafted plan currently, point definitely with carry out each working talent section takes charge of a job, the strict norm massages service hardware facilities in the place and install video frequency supervision and stay overnight personnel's information to collect requests like system,etc.The typical model case river parties card in Guangzhou sky recruits a Piao case February 27 this year, police department in Guangzhou City river in the sky classifies a bureau to arrest to prostitute illegal crime suspect's remaining of Piao bawdry and introduction social evil under the river Tang of the sky some, Lin Mou, Tan is so-and-so.Pass to expand line tonike air max 2014 investigate, the project set controled often virtuous book parties card in Hunan to recruit a Piao regiment, the regiment's with Peng so-and-so and yellow so-and-so, Liu so-and-so etc. artificial head, pass to in the river in sky and more show the form of area delivery card, organization prostitute at periphery of guest house or fast catena hotel carry on prostituting a Piao bawdry activity.The project set develops to accept a net activity on March 27 and arrest so-and-so and yellow so-and-so etc. of Peng in the grounds like the river area stone card,etc in sky 27 suspects.Through deeply dig to investigate, on May 28 successively at spend a big way of city some apartment, member village west the bystreet etc. grounds to arrest so-and-so etc. of suspect Yan 10 people, pay to get to used for

Recruiting Piao and the cellular phone of social evil is 13, bank the card is 1.Currently, the case totally arrests an illegal crime 37 suspect, the pertaining to crime imprisons 19 people, the administration imprisons 17 people and fines money one person, among them, the Peng is so-and-so to wait 4 people have been under arrest.The bead sea on-line organization male prostitutes a case March 20 this year, the bead public security official's organization in sea City passes net up patrol and discover, someone makes use of to establish to set up "the bead sea is cool male boy club building of office"(again"the bead sea comrade's club building of office", " the bead sea man's club building of office and bead sea blue diamond club building of office") website in the offshore server, with massage service for through a website invite business is engaged in porn activity.Is careful to investigate after more than a month, discover the crime regiment that conducts the porn website the activity place is opposite to fix in summer of north of the bead arch in sea City a gulf region, and take"Mong Kok bar" in the area as movable base.The regiment's with owner Wu in the bar so-and-so, the piece is so-and-so is head, release a male to recruit a Piao information in the website, organize more than 10 nike air foamposite onlinemen to carry on social evil.At 22:00 on May 9, the bead public security official's organization in sea City develops to accept a net activity and organizes more than 70 persons of the police force to be divided into 5 activity groups, respectively at arch northern new China lotus harbor hotel in the hotel, gold leaf's hotel and blessing and Dou door resists hot springs to spend a holiday places like village hotel,etc and arrest Lee so-and-so wait 6 social evil Piaos bawdry man;In the arch north summer gulf

Mong Kok bar arrests to be suspected of setting up the porn website and organize Wu of male social evil so-and-so, the piece is so-and-so.Currently, the bead public security official's organization in sea City arrests to the so-and-so performance of Wu who is suspected of organizing social evil by law, to piece the detention that is so-and-so to give pertaining to crime, fine money towards prostituting a Piao bawdry personnel Lee being so-and-so the detention for waiting 6 people to make administration combining.A little bit hot prince owner's beam in the hotel shows off the Hui wade organization to prostitute under arrest Yang already see Dongguan exposing to wade a rice wine store already have 179 people be moved to send indictment to lately and quickly report Xun February 9, the central television station exposes 11 amusement in Dongguan service place wade Huang problem.Save the public security official's hall sees 11 places of exposing Dongguan to wade yellow case to carry on a point to the Yang the councilor check to do and take out to adjust the intelligent and capable strength establishes along with police department in Dongguan the project set nike kobe 8 for salesucceeds in catching by grasping benefit, executive, and organizer...etc. three types of crime suspect and artificial target, pass next check and up make track for, go all out to develop case to investigate a work.Save a public security official hall notification, up to June 10, already to medium hall source plentiful hotel case, medium hall the Kang benefit bathe enough a Ge case, medium hall the east attain case in the business hotel, medium hall virtuous case in the benefit hotel to Anne and Feng Gang Ding the case of Anne hotel and the sky of Feng Gang outside sky of hotel case and Feng Gang the joyful, free and unfecttered hotel case and thick street is pleased to come to ascend hotel case and thick street Yue prosperous hotel case and tiger door new world hotel case etc.10 case 179 people move to send an indictment

year three in test some test

Le 4 July 2014, 09:09 dans Humeurs 0

The uncle introduces, law court investigates a stage, crime suspect, Tan Bei Bei, , white cloud river to the case fact confess Hui not, and apologize to family members of victim, as to it's the criminal acts carried out mean penitence.Summary execution victim family members request to penalize the crime suspect's death penalty, .According to understand, case is after delivering, because Tan Bei Bei is pregnant, be kept watch on by the police to live.In August, 2013, Tan bears one boy, behind all give up to bring up power and guardianship right because of both parties and the relatives, the kid is sent into a welfare hospital.Is another to report to call according to the new evening nike air max hyperdunk 2012 onlinenewspaper, treat according to handing over of crime suspect, Tan Bei Bei, , she had the important item of principal offender, after the event again afraid of punishment sneak away, and the case resulted in extremely bad social influence, match from the important item of weighing the punishment.But white cloud the river is concrete criminal acts carrier, probably settle sex as accomplice, 2 husband and wife all probably are weighed to judge.The case time puts to help others a young girl to kill July 26, 2013, the Hua south county police department receives to report a case and call beard Yi Xuan on the afternoon of July 24 leave home hasn't been returning behind, always contact not up.The police aims at beard Yi the Xuan is after leaving home may the route passing by carry on a survey, discover beard Yi the Xuan disappears to accompany a pregnant woman into Hua at 15:18 on that day south county forestry small area in the big hospital, hasn't been coming out.About 18:00, when the pregnant woman and a man come out take one bigger

Luggage.Through check, 2 people are white cloud river and wife, Tan Bei Bei, of the cheerful village of pear tree head of rural township.On July 28, the police arrests 2 people.Through interrogate to find out, Tan Bei Bei takes unwell body as from, cheat the victim beard Yi Xuan to send it to go home, and cheat beard Yi the Xuan drink next take to have the fan the beverage of the medicine.Beard Yi after Xuan is collapsed and fainted, the white cloud river rapes he/she.Empress 2 people beard Yi the Xuan kill and bury a corpse.(Source:The morning of Peking reports)Yang wide June 13 of Gang of net crane the news(reporter, Liu Fei Qiao, Ren Hui) maneuver to report according to the voice news of China, yesterday, the voice of China the circumstance that paid attention to "examinee from crane Gang in Heilongjiang reflection the region a test some test Gao English to listen to the dint broadcast mistake".Manies are in the crane Gang City the nike zoom kd vi buy onlinethird high school examine of examinee said, English listens to the dint start broadcasting irrelevant to the subject, listen to the dint broadcast to stop halfway, after weighed to put to listen to dint again.The whole examination postponed for 12 minutes while consequently repairing.Heilongjiang province advertises for employees to do and the crane Gang City solicited students to do to mislay to the denial in the response of medium before now, but returned a problem nervous at the examinee, tried a sound contents to mistaken for to listen to a dint examination contents.Should reply to arouse parts of examinees querying, think that the notice that test a trumpet inside is the fact that the sheet iron nails, and try sound part have been already ended, the city advertises for employees a section of this explains unacceptable.Face male

Many query, yesterday in Heilongjiang province advertised for employees do of under the director, the responsibility became crane the Bureau of Education Ji Wei of Gang City led long a head and constituted to°from the related professional technical personnel a survey set, to this affairs carried on inquire into.The crane Gang City solicits students committee office lately response to call:Through survey, broadcasting the member acknowledgement mistake will try to listen to the audio frequency document considering as examination to listen to dint to try to broadcast;Broadcast a member because of fearing circumstances seriously, once tested toward the lord conceal to settle a dispute solid true facts.Examinee's classmate king in the crane Gang City in Heilongjiang is in the crane Gang this year three in test some test Gao.He reflects, English examination, listen to contents and book son that the dint sows to not up, suddenly stopped afterwards, re-nike zoom kd v buy broadcast a contents after:Examinee:All three medium, put to listen to dint, the head is all right.Time of listenning to feels to take a side with not.I didn't dare to upwards write, pretty panic Bai.The sixth question finished, the trumpet said, and the classmates sorry mislaid.Again heavy the head start something to put.The whole examination postponed for 12 minutes.Can also search to have online Be located on more crane Gang three medium test a point of the examinee reflection met to mislay the circumstance of listenning to the dint.Say at several an examinees who test a field of the tenth, he the example in the detection recording answer with the examples answers of book son to not up.Examinee:I listen to a mistake, be put to listen to dint to see that answer is that book son not