The local public funds tour handles 3 people's 2 to involve to greatly hold to greatly do marriage funeral wedding dinner and handles 2 people's 159 to involve to breach work discipline and handles 237 people's 37 to involve other problems and handle a 56 people reporter Du Hong Yu(city Times)(May 382 people of Yunnan's breaching eight rules is handled) new China food give or get an electric shock national food drugs to take charge of a bureau on June 13(as follows call:Eat medicine Jian bureau)expose recently 20 websites that illegally release a deceitful medical apparatus information, have of hat with"China", "authorities" etc. name certain context, have of beat medical science institute for researches like"country in Peking cures the medical science innovation of liver disease institute for research",etc the signal, have of hang "medical apparatus particularly camp" placard, the propaganda nike zoom kd vi for saledeliberately exaggerates product effect, cheat mislead a consumer.According to understand, use a medicine for the protection public safety, the food drugs take charge of a section already these break the law the website move to send a correspondence section to check place by law.To this, the food medicine Jian bureau reminds a consumer:Please don't easily believe medical apparatus of network of illegal publicity, identifying the legitimacy of product can register the official site of State Food and Drug Administration and Be in "data search" column eyes carry on searching a pit actually, when it's necessary please consult a doctor, careful purchase and use.South all recently, the Xun reporter, Kuang Wei Dan,'s quality Jian bureau in Guangzhou City notified to give or get an electric shock in may

Very nice caution education.In the affairs this time, employ examination to disobey Ji to violate the rules according to the public official behavior processing way, the bureau of public official in Yunnan province decides to cancel yellow some this examination qualifications, he/shes to life long can not register for examination a public official.It is speculation behavior to is yellow to somely disobey Ji to violate the rules, the current result is his behavior and is discovered by the net friend of elaboration, but if have no disheveled hair now?If get the person like this into public official's troops, he hereafter also do what kind of matter?The public official examines more is to test the ability that the individual is engaged in this work, for the investigation of quality moral qualities etc., compare will weak get many.This is difficult to protect to appear ability strong, but the moral qualities differs of the person be recruited to record into public official's troops.The this construction toward public official's troops is disadvantageous.Be in the light of the attitude that is responsible for and is responsible for the people to the business, the public official recruits to record process to be more and more strict, more and more careful.(Public official in Kunming examines 22 people to investigate zero cents:One nike kd v for saleexaminee the malice register an information)this report the proper spring(Jiangxi) give or get an electric shock reporter, Huang Hui, on June 12 correspondent Wu Jian this afternoon, be subjected to never hesitated to do what is right foundation Gu of China spring the prosperous chairman of the board entrust, the China never hesitated to do what is right foundation often works pair chairman of the board Li Shun Tao arrive at proper people hospital in spring City, Jiangxi, to"the Duo knife is little

Year"Liu Yan Bing distribute a national head"China never hesitated to do what is right model" certificate, and call on to send greetings easy government brave classmate.(2 people hero record of events originally the report once reported)Provincial government provincial governor assistant in Jiangxi, public security official hall head of department is text and Wei government method Wei in province pair Zong in the secretary, province cure to do director, Zhang Zhuan,'s hair etc. to accompany.Li Shun Tao distributed "national never hesitated to do what is right model" certificate and Shou to take to Liu Yan Bing and cash award 20,000 dollars, consolation money 10,000 dollars;Send toward the brave easy government to the consolation money is 10,000 dollars.According to know, from in the Xuan Bu and central Zong cures to do, public security official's department, Liberation Arm always political department, national general labor union, totally green regiment the center, national Fu allied, China the never nike air penny 1 buyhesitated to do what is right foundation associately holds of the national never hesitated to do what is right hero model judges and decides to give award to an activity, the never hesitated to do what is right personnel who flows out to appear to the whole country every two years carries on judging and deciding at a time, and give national never hesitated to do what is right hero(community), national never hesitated to do what is right model(community) title of honor respectively.In order to give award to praise an outstanding personnel from never hesitated to do what is right record of events in the whole whole country in time, since this year, the China never hesitated to do what is right foundation established "China never hesitated to do what is right model" title of honor, Liu Yan Bing is acquire the title of honor of one person.("Duo knife youth" gets never hesitated to do what is right model title of China)park regulation in Guangzhou City(drafted plan)male show to ask for